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What is Today?

What is Today?

This is a Great question! And, my answer is...Today is THE Day!

Many times, I waste "today" because I'm afraid of "something" or I'm not sure or I want to see the results of one more poll, one more spread sheet because I want to be "very right." I want one more person to validate me so there are no mistakes!

Shame on me and all those who use this thinking and have these beliefs!

While we're gathering more information/evidence, we're suffering, our company is suffering, our clients are suffering and our family is suffering!

I learned many years ago that Suffering is Optional!

The antidote to "suffering" is Take Action Now!

I'm taking action today and achieving What I Want!

What about you?

How are you suffering?

What could you do to stop the suffering?

What action are you willing to take TODAY?

Today is THE Day! It's Our choice!