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What Makes You Happy?

What Makes You Happy?

This is a question that many of us would pay millions of dollars for the answer, if it would work. I have the answer and I'll make it available for free.

Are you ready? My bet is my answer is too simple and requires too much discipline.

I've discovered that I can be Happy every day by managing my thoughts! You can also.

My secret is minute by minute by minute for the rest of my life because "happenings" and circumstances change each minute. People around me say things that I take personally, decisions are made that I don't agree with, I make mistakes and I have a choice about what "Meaning" I place on each "happening" and then I get to manage my thoughts about each "happening."

Nothing that happens in this world has any "meaning" until I place a meaning on it and I have a choice about the Meaning I choose.

For instance, many years ago, I found myself sitting at home without a job after many years of success. My first "meaning" I placed on this was poor me...I'll never find a job, etc. The other "meaning" was... This is the best thing that could ever have happened to me!

Guess what! The second meaning was more valuable AND is what happened! This has been my biggest learning in my life!

What about you?

How Happy do you want to be?

How willing are you to notice the "meaning" you place on your "happenings" and how willing you are to manage your thoughts about these happenings?

We have minute by minute choices about our Happenings and our Happiness! I'm choosing to be careful about the "Meanings" and "Thoughts" I use! Contact me and let's talk about your thoughts.