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Where is Greatness?

Where is Greatness?

    For me, that is an interesting question because I never thought about experiencing any type of "greatness." My parents were high integrity humans, middle class and hard working individuals and I never saw my Dad as a Leader until he died. At his funeral in a small West Texas town, the church was packed. With that visual, my view of my parents changed and I started seeing myself differently, a potential Leader and wondering about Greatness.

What greatness is "inside" that I don't know about or haven't discovered? What will it take to give myself the permission I want to become the person I was created to be? Who/what could that be?

I don't get this Day again so I'm starting to notice who I am and who I can be. I've allowed FEAR to create a wall, a boundary and steal my life and possibilities! I wonder what's on the other side of Fear? Could that be Freedom and Greatness?

Let's go see!

What about you?

What/where is your Greatness?

What barrier is keeping you from being the person you were created to be?

When will you crash thru the barrier?

What is your Vision of the other side?

How big is your WHY to achieve that Vision?