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Who are WE?

Who are WE?

   I love this question! The REAL question is who am I, and/or you?

I normally ask three questions:
  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I Want?
  3. What Price am I willing to Pay?
I've been asking these three questions for 15 years and I've only had about 6 people answer them with conviction. With those who truly answered them, there were big accomplishments. I believe the accomplishments came because of personal clarity and personal alignment.
The interesting notice is the question most of my clients want to avoid is "Who am I?" And, I believe that question is the most important and most complicated one. I found several years ago for me personally, it's hard for me to do anything effectively or help someone else if I don't know "who I am" and what causes me to behave the way I do.
This week, I saw two breakthroughs and I'm very encouraged! I had been talking to two clients for months about "who they were" and nothing was happening. This week, one client wrote me: "Your question certainly takes on a new meaning to me!" This answer came because the person discovered their blind spot and what personal behavior was getting in their way and keeping them from contentment.
What about you?

Who are YOU? Who are YOU, really?

How were you programmed at an early age that drives your current behavior?

What behavior is getting in your way and keeping you from "getting what you want?"

What price are you willing to pay to "get what you really want?"

Take a risk and look in the mirror. You could see the secret to your contentment!