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Woke Up Still Not Dead Again Today!

These past few days/weeks/months have been challenging because everything I hear/see/read is about the Coronavirus and how we're all going to be affected and many of us are going to die! AND, as Willie Nelson's song says "I woke up still not Dead again Today!"


I'm a recovering CPA and recovering Perfectionist and I have a high score on Optimism on the Emotional Intelligence survey! How does that work? Friends, let's make this life work! We live in the greatest Country on the planet and life as we know it is not coming to an end.


With that said, some of us are going to die. We could get hit by a Budweiser truck and I have prostate cancer and my physician has been telling me for three years that something is going to get me other than prostate cancer. And, we're staying at home, buying mountains of toilet paper and bottles of water because somebody on television or the radio or the internet has given us an opinion that may not be true.

Tomorrow, I'm going to throw off the covers, get dressed and get in my red corvette and charge hell with a glass of water. This strategy has worked for 76 years so what causes me to think this won't work tomorrow?

What about you?

  • What makes you think you're going to be affected by this virus?
  • How are you living life:  Afraid to die or afraid to live?
  • What strategy do you have to live life with minimal Fear?
  • How is Fear stopping you from achieving your Dreams?
  • What God do you believe in that can help you to Live life to the fullest?

Life can and is supposed to be fun. Here is the link to Willie's song. I encourage you to listen to the words: