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Gratitude, Oh Gratitude!

I have so much to be grateful for...two time cancer survivor, money in the bank, live in the greatest Country on the planet and on and on!

What causes me to even notice ANY negative news? My answer to this question is so frustrating! I have nothing to really be afraid of and still I miss out on being Grateful and content!

What about me causes this? I get caught up in allowing "somebody" I don't know telling me many things that may not be true! What keeps me from listening to myself about what is "true?" How can I trust myself as much or more than I trust "somebody" on TV or the internet? Who told me that "somebody" on TV knows/understands the world more than I do?

The Truth is I know AND it's frustrating that I allow my emotions to affect how I see the World and the commitment to myself is to TRUST myself rather than allowing "others" to scare me into hiding under my bed. I'm capable of doing my own research and deciding for myself!

What about you?

What are you Grateful for?

How often do you forget?

How can we all be more mindful rather than allowing "others" to affect our emotions?

How can we remind each other that WE know the Truth and not depend on "others" to tell us what the Truth is?

The photo above is a Sunrise, not a Sunset! Listen to Reveille, not Taps!