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How Heavy is the Load?

Every few months/years, I notice that something is just not right. It's like playing golf. At times, the balance is not just right, the swing gets a little fast, and/or my concentration strays off just slightly. When any of these things happen, the golf ball becomes erratic, slightly long or short and/or slightly off in direction. In any case, the results are not what I want.

The same thing happens to me in life and business, especially with COVID and working remotely. Bad habits creep in, depression shows up, political news is disturbing and now, the recovery could be longer than hoped for. 

Now for Noticing!! Take a look below at the grocery cart. Some days, my life looks like this when I've "picked up things" along the way that I don't need/want and I believe that some day I could use them. Before long, my life looks like this grocery cart! It's so heavy it's hard to push up hill and so full that I'm not able to find the things I want.

Maybe, it's time to get rid of those things I've accumulated that I don't REALLY need and get back to the basics. The Load will be a lot lighter and I'll be much more nimble!

What about you?

When you look at the cart below, what do you notice about your life, either business or personal?

Which items/behaviors/addictions would you like to place at the side of the road and leave them there?

How could you get help from your employees and/or family?

On what date will you begin the unloading process?

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