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A Miracle Maker Came to Town Again Today!

Kay and I watched Miracle Maker again today! I'd tell you the award winning actors/actresses except there were none. You can find the movie on Amazon.

What does a Miracle Maker look like? How would I know one if I saw one? Where should I be looking?

In this case, the Miracle Maker came to a small town that was desperate. Many citizens didn't like each other, most citizens couldn't afford to feed their families and the future looked bleak. The Miracle Maker showed up because a small boy ask the universe for a miracle. What did the Miracle Maker look like? In this case, he was a person with a chicken, a dog, a shovel, a warm smile, and a soft voice that could be heard.

With these characteristics, the sick got out of bed, got dressed and joined the neighbors. People who didn't speak found their voice and the hard hearted found another way.

The visitor planted "seeds" that would grow and planted ideas that changed attitudes. Young kids became Leaders and celebrations happened and then one day, the Miracle Maker moved on and left his dog and chicken and took his shovel with him because he had more seeds to plant.

What about You?

  • When you're looking for a miracle, is this the Miracle Maker you're looking for?
  • What about the person you see in the mirror each morning?  Is that a possibility?
  • What/who are you waiting for?
  • Planting seeds of positive thoughts could change your family, your business, your community and your Country!
Step out and notice what happens!