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Miracle Maker Shows up Again and Gratefulness Happens!

Over the past few days/weeks, I've noticed the Miracle Maker has shown up daily!

This past week, Kay and I visited our physicians in Santa Barbara for our annual physicals. We noticed everybody being careful with physical distancing, wearing masks and helping each other! Physicians were thorough and the ending reports were encouraging! Health Miracles are the best!

I've watched clients take actions that seem risky, change their behaviors and save their marriages, which in many ways saves the lives of their family, especially their children!

I've also seen clients develop strategies that navigate the COVID situation and maintain/increase their profits and save jobs for their employees.

I've seen Leaders change their Thoughts and literally change the World they live in!

It's incredible! Miracle Makers are everywhere!

Watching AND Noticing these Miracles happen have caused me to notice the changes in me physically and emotionally because of Gratefulness. There were times when I could "feel" the Gratefulness which triggered noticeable appreciation of all of my surroundings! Contentment followed!

What about you?

  • What Miracles are you noticing? Or not?
  • What Miracle happened in your life today that you missed?
  • What Miracle could you create tomorrow that could create Gratefulness?
  • What actions could you take to influence the Miracle Maker to show up in your Life?