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Pandemic of Negative Thoughts!

I've always had negative thoughts about Scarcity and Being Good Enough. In these days, I've noticed the Negative Thought Pandemic is widespread and spreading!

Everywhere I turn, I'm being told how bad life is, how bad the world is, how long I'll have to wear a mask and how long I will have to stay at home and not see my kids and grand kids and great grand kids. I'm told these things by my friends, politicians, the media and many days by my internal voice!

If I'm not mindful, I can start believing that I'm tired, defeated and at risk financially, emotionally and especially at risk of deteriorating health and death.

I know these messages are not necessarily true! I'm getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night, I work out with my trainer three days each week , I have cash in my bank account and I'm vertical, have a pulse, not in jail or the hospital!

I know this situation is not about I.Q. It's about I Can AND I Will! I will Paint this World with my positive thoughts, my grateful thoughts. I'll take time and go on a walk by myself and listen to Waylon, Willie and the Boys and come back refreshed.


I will look at the image above and see a sunrise, not a sunset!

I know life is messy and it always has been. I'm a two time cancer survivor and that was messy AND I'm alive!

What about you?

  • What kind of world are you painting for yourself?
  • What kind of thoughts do you want to have for yourself?
  • Are you creating your own thoughts or is some external  influence creating your thoughts?
  • How do you want to change your thoughts so you change the world you live in?