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Am I a Racist?

I've never considered myself a Racist and many times lately, many of us are accused of being racist and other things also! I'm wondering what this strategy is all about.

As I consistently look into the mirror, I do notice that I'm prejudiced! I do "prejudge" quickly and I believe I learned this strategy from my mother. I notice less of this from my wife and kids. I'm working on this trait daily and making some progress.

I look at people/friends of different color, different education levels, different wealth levels and different sexes and make judgments about their abilities and possibilities compared to me. I've noticed that some judgments place them as better and more capable than me and some less capable than me.

I continually ask myself how I can accept people as who they are and stop making assumptions/judgments about them? I notice that I'm so visual that most of my assumptions/judgments about people come from what they look like. Maybe I would have been different if I'd been born blind.

What about you?

What prejudices, if any, do you have?

How do you accept people just as they are?

How do you minimize "assumptions" about people before you really get to know them?

What Fears get in your way?

How can we as a Country come together and encourage/support each other rather than criticize, blame and fear others that look differently and believe differently that we do?