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Vulnerability? Are You Crazy?

As a young person, I interpreted everyone around me telling me whatever I did, I was not supposed to show a weakness! Don't ever let anybody see you sweat. My Dad died at age 74 and I never saw him cry. What did I learn? Men are not supposed to cry! My interpretation: Crying shows a weakness.

I followed this interpretation most of my life and it was painful. Keeping all of my feelings and fears safely guarded in my being was a heavy load!

Finally, a friend coached me into starting to "let things out". I learned that I had a voice and I mattered and I could be "me."

I then discovered Brene Brown who introduced me to Vulnerability, a word that had always frightened me. I thought this word meant weakness and being needy and she defined the word as "the Birth Place of Creativity, Innovation, Joy and Relationships! What did I want more than these four things? Nothing!

The people I work with, and I have discovered that being "us" and not someone we believe others want us to be is healthy and we're living the belief that "The Truth will set us free!" We've also discovered to say "I don't know and I need help" leads to a more enhanced life.

What about you?

What is your definition of Vulnerability?

Are you being yourself or are you pretending to be someone you're not?

What "Truth" are you living?

What would you like to say if you weren't afraid?

Be yourself! That person is someone special!