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What Price Freedom?

What type of Freedom are you wanting and what price are you willing to pay to get it? In a bigger sense, what is Freedom?

This week, I watched and listened to a group of business owners talk about their need for Freedom! The interesting part of the conversation was about how many types they mentioned and valued.

Probably the most common type mentioned was financial freedom and there were many more such as addictions to alcohol, food and sugar. Close behind was freedom from negative thoughts such as fear, failure, anger, sadness and disgust!

The conversation ultimately got around to how many things in life we can control and we were only able to list one...Our Thoughts/Choices so we only have to look in the mirror to discover who is in control of our Freedom and that would be me.

My Thoughts become Things, such as Freedom, Success, and Happiness, etc! My Thoughts could become Failure, Fear, Anger and Addictions, etc.

My Thoughts are my Choice. If my Thoughts are not serving me, I can change them if I'm aware of Choices.

What about you?

What do you Want, Really?

What Thoughts are serving you and what Thoughts are getting in your Way?

What Thoughts are you willing to "send on their way?"

And, what Thoughts are you willing to replace them with in order to achieve your Freedom?


Choose wisely!