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What's the Next Disruption?

That's a great question!  Will it be a new virus, unbelievable artificial intelligence, a world war or a new political Leader?  It could be any/all of these and many other things.  The question is "How will I respond?"  

What keeps us from returning to "normal?"  Those were the good old days and we were all safe and happy!

That thought begs the question "What is normal?"  I believe the answer to that question is "Disruptions" are the norm so let's expect and get comfortable with these Changes and breathe and have some fun.  We're living the "Normal."

In fact, those of us that are most comfortable with "Disruptions", whether they are small or large, have the opportunity to have a personal and/or business competitive advantage!

I've had several "severe" disruptions in my life, both personal and professional, and in some miraculous way, the result has always been better than the previous Way!  

What about you?

     What are you wanting...returning to Normal or looking forward to the next    Disruption?

     How are you preparing for "tomorrow?"

     What conversation could you have with your Team/Family to prepare for the most effective outcome of "tomorrow"?

     Life is very good, even with Disruptions and Change!