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Are You Afraid of Dying or Afraid of Living?

Are You Afraid of Dying OR Afraid of Living?

Many years ago, the answer to this question for me was very, very easy! I was young and I was concerned that I wouldn't achieve my goals, see my family mature and "miss out" on many possibilities.

About ten years ago, I was listening to a Speaker and noticed a new "thought!" I realized that I was so concerned about dying that I was playing it safe and not noticing possibilities and missing out on my opportunities.

I had been physically brave, competitively water skiing at 70-80 miles an hour and at the same time very fearful about Leading, saying what I was thinking, taking emotional chances, hugging my kids and telling people that I loved them.

What kind of beliefs/thought are those? I thought I could handle any kind of physical risks and I was very afraid of emotional risks, such as saying what I was thinking, making a mistake, looking stupid and/or being made fun of!

With emotional maturity, I've realized these thoughts are not living! Playing it safe is thinking I'm not good enough and not trusting myself. I was living like my Turtle friend, totally in my shell.

What about you?

Are you Afraid of Dying or Afraid of Living?

How "BIG" are you living?

How confident are you about charging hell with a glass of water?

What would it be like if we lived today with the belief that money is no object and there's no way we can fail? Let's take a chance!