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How do You Contend with Fear?

How do You Contend with Fear?

The subject of Fear comes up daily in almost every conversation I have with myself and my clients! The typical strategy for dealing with this subject is to never be aware of it, avoid it or procrastinate so I don't have to think about it or face it.

None of these strategies work well for me or the CEOs I coach. Avoiding Fear or pretending it doesn't exist is a very ugly picture. When I look closely at this picture, I clearly see a lack of courage, pessimism, assumptions with no supporting evidence, and a waste of precious resources, especially time.

Life is passing me by as I tell myself made up stories about why my ideas won't work, people will think I'm stupid or tell me NO...and I stay STUCK!

I've decided to choose a different strategy. I'm throwing the covers off, get dressed, get in my red corvette and charge hell with a glass of water. To be effective with this strategy, I change my beliefs and thoughts.

Instead of running from the Fear, I view it as an invitation to experience something I've never done before and something I really want although I've never acknowledged it. My first thought is "This is not a matter of I.Q. It's a matter of I Can and I Will! My success is My Belief about myself: My Will!

What about you?

How many times each day are you confronted with Fear?

What's your first thought created by your Belief System?

What do you want to do tomorrow when your hear that little voice in your head that tells you "you're not good enough?"

Let's make a strategic change and believe We Can rather than believe We Can't! It's our choice!