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Are You Doing Something TO Somebody or FOR Somebody?

Are You Doing Something TO Somebody or FOR Somebody?

I love this question because when I discovered my answer to it, I got past my fears and limiting beliefs!

I'm a recovering CPA and I've never seen myself as a salesperson or even a friend of a salesperson. I've watched and listened to sales people talk to me and others and I've always been at the top of my resistance game because I've always been afraid of being taken advantage of.

In my professional life, I've been responsible for meeting deadlines, achieving predetermined outcomes and being both accountable and holding others accountable.

Both the sales process and the accountability process have been bothersome to me because my belief was if people were being pushed out of their comfort zone and on some level being hurt, at lease emotionally, that was "bad" because my further belief was if I caused people to be uncomfortable, they wouldn't "like" me and being liked was very important to me.

Fortunately, I found my Answer to this blog Question and I realized I was doing something FOR somebody, not doing something TO somebody!

Wow, what a difference that made. I realized the True belief is if I sell something of real value to somebody and or hold them accountable for an agreement they made, their life, the life of their employees, the life of their family Members and others around them could soar!

They could accomplish what they wanted to accomplish and they would respect me, not like me.

What about you?

What are your beliefs about pushing people toward being uncomfortable?

Are you hurting the person or helping the person?

Are You Doing Something TO Somebody or FOR Somebody?

Do you want to be liked or respected?