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What is Your Belief About Scarcity?

What a terrible question for me! Although my parents didn't teach me this concept, I thought/learned it from an early age! I never thought "We could afford most things, everything was too expensive and I would never be able to achieve what my friends had.

My best friend in high school played with Titleist golf balls and I played with Sears balls. I never thought I could afford what my best friend had and therefore I was not good enough and never would be!

That belief was not true and I'm wondering how many young people today have similar beliefs? It took me forty years to discover that my beliefs were not true and I discovered that I am a deserving, trusting, passionate man! What a discovery that was for me! When I live that belief, everybody around me changes and life changes! Also, I change and see life very differently!

What about you?

How do you see yourself?

Do you see life as scarcity or abundance?

Do you see yourself as deserving or not?

Which view will you adopt...Scarcity or Abundance? It' your choice!