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Are You Willing to CHANGE Your Thoughts

Are You Willing to CHANGE Your Thoughts?

One of my best Mentors, Steven Snyder, writes profound thoughts that always rhyme, a gift that escapes me most of the time!

Notice what Steven says and I'll give you a quiz


I really enjoy all the thoughts that I think
Both good ones and bad ones bring peace
The positive thoughts I repeat and embrace
And the negative thoughts I release

I take a deep breath and while letting it out
The power of the bad thought deflates
Removing its power to evoke fear or doubt
Instead, more inner peace it creates

Good thoughts make me happy, bad ones too
It depends on the response that I choose
Be mindful of thoughts as they go through
Your mind's a powerful tool you can use

What about you?

What are your thoughts?

Which thoughts do you want to release?

Which thoughts give you Peace?