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My Best High School Friend, Joe, is HOMEward Bound!

 At my age, it seems that the bus heading "HOME" comes by often! Over the last twelve months, seven of my friends and/or acquaintances have boarded the bus and are now in a place where there is no more sorrow, pain and tears! The sorrow, pain and tears are with their families and friends left behind. Time will heal these pains although it could be a long journey.

My latest Friend to depart was my BEST high school friend from my graduating class of 1961. He was the Best of the Best! I never heard him say a negative word about anybody. He was the valedictorian of our class, the quarterback and captain of our football team and an unbelievable human being.

Although I've known the bus was on its way for several months because of Alzheimer's, the phone call from his brother about the departure was not easy to hear and accept.

The good news is there is no more pain and the New Beginning has started for him, never to end! There is no more sadness or sorrow for him, only for those of us left behind.

That begs many questions:

What about me? How ready Am I for the bus to arrive?

If I saw the bus arriving, how would I feel?

How confident am I about the ending and the New Beginning?

Have I had the important conversations with those I Love?

What about You? How do you answer these questions?

Take a few minutes today and give these questions some valuable quiet time before you miss the opportunity!