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Hope For Tomorrow!

Hope for Tomorrow!

How was your 2018? I hope it was Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

My 2018 was just like life...some good and some not so good! My biggest challenge was losing nine friends and family to illnesses that were not expected or pretty. At my age, I'm thinking that can become "normal." With that said, I'm Hoping I have a "free pass" for 2019.

Kay and I had a good health year AND we climbed to Machu Picchu and survived! That means we still have strong legs and strong lungs. Also, we were very glad to return to the lower altitude in Las Vegas and recover.

What are you hoping for in 2019? I have a very full year planned with much anticipation with my business challenges and Kay and I are "thinking" about another Camino de Santiago. That could be a birthday present for year number 76!

I'm believing that my attitude and my thoughts are everything. Change my thoughts and change the world I live in! I'm entering 2019 with one Thought:

    I Can and I Will! It's not about IQ!

This can be the best Leadership Year of my Life! P.T Barnum said "No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else." I'm determining what changes I want to make to make a positive difference with all those around me. The question is Do I have the Will?

What about you?

Who will you BE in 2019?

What kind of a Leader do you want to be?

What differences do you want to make?

How strong is your WILL?

Let's challenge 2019 with all we have and see what happens. With conviction and a strong WILL, anything is possible. See you at the finish line!