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Awareness and Choices!

With My Awareness Come My Choices?

I see that arrow and I'm wondering which "choice" I should make. Should I take the difficult path up the hill, stay where I am or take the easier path down the hill? Or, could there be other choices?

Without Awareness, I have no choices!

My Awareness could be:

1. What I "stuff"

2. What I don't have...other people's "stuff"

3. What's possible

Awareness is noticing and thinking rather than being oblivious!

Some days, I'm very aware of what I have and I'm so grateful. I'm a miracle and having what I have is even a bigger miracle!

Some days, I become very aware of what I don't have and I become very angry, envious and discontent!

Other days, I'm aware of the many things that are possible! 

Which of the three is the best place to be? After pondering that question, I've decided that if I'm aware of what I have and I'm therefore grateful, it becomes easier to be aware of the many possibilities around me and be open to what I might want and have. Once I realize what's possible and what I want, I only have to determine what price I'm willing to pay and or what I have to give up to get what I want.

It's all about ME being aware, determining what I want and what I'm wiling to do or pay for what's possible! I don't have to look to anything/anybody except myself! This could also mean noticing who I must ask for help!

What about You?

How aware are you about what you have and what you want?

How often do you look to yourself for the answer rather than blame somebody or some situation?

What choices are you willing to take ownership of?

Be aware, make your best choice and take ownership of the outcome! The outcome is always all about You!