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Trump! Are You Kidding Me?

I'm a recovering CPA and recovering perfectionist and I've never liked Salesmen or wanted to be one because I "judged them" from the way I saw the world. I saw them as arrogant, conceited, talking all the time without listening, never paying attention to details, etc. In 2001, I changed careers and I realized I must "enroll" clients if I wanted to move forward.

I started to realize that sales people "could" be doing something FOR people rather than doing something TO people. I realized I could sell/enroll people because I wanted to do something FOR them and I started seeing the world through a different lens.


Fast forward to 2015 and the Republican primaries. I saw those 16 candidates on the stage during the first debate and my last choice was Donald Trump because he was the sales person I never liked. His style and personality were different from mine and I judged him as "bad." I continued to watch and listen and I started to choose other candidates and one day, I decided that Trump was my choice. This decision went totally against everything I ever believed. I didn't like his words, his tone and his presentation!

Then one day, I realized I wasn't hiring a Pastor or a Sunday School Teacher (my southern church lingo). I wanted somebody that was willing to say what they were thinking whether they were politically correct or not and I never thought I could do that. I wanted somebody to Lead our Country that would break a few windows in the White House, tear down some walls and throw some furniture out on the North lawn.

I'd never said anything like this before. The real Clyde was showing up!

Yes, I wouldn't send the same tweets and I wouldn't criticize people the way he does and he's made mistakes AND Kennedy, Eisenhower and Reagan did also. As I recall, Marilyn Monroe may have been sleeping in the White House with Kennedy and we didn't know about it because Cable News and smart phones weren't around.

My point is "How do we stop blaming and criticizing our Leaders unless we're willing to come down from the bleachers and enter the arena and enter the contest?" How do I stop blaming and criticizing if I'm not willing to run for President or Congress, Governor or Mayor. Sitting at home making accusations on Facebook is not an effective Strategy!

What about you?

  • How willing are you to enter the Arena and get dirty and a black eye?
  • How willing are you to be vulnerable in making major decisions rather than commenting with 20-20 hindsight? I have perfect 20-20 hindsight!
  • How willing are you to pray for our Leaders, whether Democrats, Republicans, Females, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians or others?
Interesting questions! I'll meet you in the Arena, not on Facebook.