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Christmas #76...Miracles Everywhere!

Christmas #76 has now passed and as our family sat around the dinner table, each Member talked about what we were thankful for. The obvious things such as family and good health were at the top of the list and as I drove home, I realized I could have talked for days about the miracles that have happened in my life. They're happening minute by minute and many minutes, I'm unconscious and miss them!

I remembered that without my Creator, I wouldn't be grateful for anything because I wouldn't be here and without my Creator, I wouldn't have a family or anything else. That was just a "start!"

After that, I remembered that although there are some political differences in America and there are other issues such as homelessness, mental illness, drug challenges and many other things, I am still "free" and no foreign countries have attacked me lately, the economy is the best in the world and I still have drinkable water and educated physicians that care about me.

As I said, I could have talked for days/months about my gratefulness. My hope is I stay conscious and grateful minute by minute. Gratefulness is the fuel for my supercharged engine.

What about you?


What are you grateful for?

What do you have that is taken for granted?

How can you use your list to get ready for 2020?

How does your family benefit from your gratefulness?

How could you fill your tank so you can take off like a rocket today?


Life has challenges AND there are miracles that I can notice!