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What's My WHY?

What's My Why?

My Parents never went to see a physician. It was always two more aspirins and another cup of coffee. That strategy worked for many years and in the end, there was not a good ending. The CEOs I work with on many occasions use the same procrastination strategy because of some fear, either making a mistake, finding a new strategy won't work and will take too long and/or talent doesn't exist so I'll stay with what I have and maybe things will cure themselves. There's just not a Big Why behind what they really want.

I have a different experience. I've had more than one type of cancer and for some reason in each case, I took action quickly and I've been able to extend my life and my personal life and business life have gotten better. The WHY behind the shift was Living is very important to me.

This morning was no different. I had two questionable "spots" on my face and I visited my dermatologist and sure enough, one was precancerous and one was a basil cell skin cancer that needs surgery.

I've applied this health learning to business and personal life. When I see outcomes not working, I ask myself, what different behavior can I take immediately? What keeps me stuck with the same behavior, which is usually fear of some sort or a hope life will magically get better. Only different behavior will get different results.

I've learned this lesson with many mistakes. My challenge is to learn how to teach/encourage people to think about the Big WHY behind what they Really Want and to Take Action Now!

What about you?

What very important Want do you have?

What behavior do you want/need to change to achieve this Want?

What is causing you to be stuck?

What's the WHY behind your Want?

What excuses/justifications are you using?

What behavior would you change if you weren't afraid or knew you couldn't fail?

Be Courageous!