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Conversation with Your Oncologist!

If you were having a conversation today with your oncologist, what would you expect? What kind of conversation would you want to have?

I had my first conversation with my oncologist in October, 2016 and I can remember it like it happened yesterday! He sat down in front of me and said, Clyde, how are you doing? Proudly, I said I'm feeling good, walking a lot and working with my trainer three times a week. He said I can see you're looking good physically. I want to know how you're doing emotionally!

Wow, I hadn't experienced many people asking me this question, especially a Dr. On this past Friday, I had another conversation with this Dr. about what I should think about when choosing my next series of treatments and I didn't know what to expect.

Another oncologist had previously given me three options and told my wife and me to consider the options and he would see me in three months. The oncologist on Friday said he might have had the same thoughts inside and he would have delivered the message using different words.

During the next fifteen minutes, my oncologist used words that were clear, concise, confident, descriptive of my current symptoms and was willing to say what he would do in my situation. The "words" and tone of voice created Hope, Confidence and Strength!

What about you?

  • What words do you use under pressure when a life or lifestyle is at stake?
  • How confident are you when delivering a message about the future of a client?
  • What responsibility are you willing to shoulder with your client that wants/needs to hear an expert speak?
  • What courage do you have with your words when somebody's life is on the line?
Many people are desperate to hear a confident, experienced word from a Friend.