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Taking Responsibility!

I met with several CEO's yesterday and I was encouraged by the conversation! One CEO wanted to blame his family, his partner, his employees and his clients for not having enough time to accomplish his job. After a few minutes, this CEO was reminded that by blaming, he was declaring himself as a Victim!

Another CEO spoke up and stated that he was personally responsible for his entire situation...his family relationship, the amount of time he had, his employees' effectiveness, the relationship with his Partner, etc. because he had chosen his family, hired, coached and disciplined his employees, and entered into the agreement with his Partner. What a truthful Statement! What a breath of fresh air!

It's important for me to listen to my Words and those coming from those around me, especially those I love and encourage them to realize the Power they have when they take ownership of their situation and how needy/helpless they are when they see themselves as a Victim. If I'm not very mindful, I fall into the trap of agreeing with them which is hurtful for them.

I can change/modify my Beliefs/Behaviors and totally change my results! The challenge is me noticing that it's Me that must change because I have no power to change others. This could be the toughest lesson for me to learn.


What about you?

  • How often do you listen to the Words you use?
  • How often do you notice yourself blaming the economy, Trump, Obama or the weather?
  • How often do you look into the mirror and notice your choices are yours to make?
  • What behaviors are you willing to modify to get the results you want?
Life can really be good when I "Own" my behaviors and choices!