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Dealing with Life's Issues

Dealing With Life's Challenges

I bet you're confronted with something in your personal or professional life that you wish would just "go away!" I have a life to live and I don't want to be bothered by this "challenge."

Your challenge could be a customer, an employee or former employee conflict, a family member or a medical issue.

My challenge is a medical issue that just won't go away. A few years ago, I had Da Vince prostate robotic surgery that went unbelievably well with clear margins and no complications and three months later, the PSA started elevating and that's not a good sign. I then completed 38 radiation treatments and 21 months of hormone therapy and those treatments went unbelievably well and six months later, the PSA started elevating. This happening is not immediately life threatening AND it's one of those life distractions that I just want to go away so I can live and enjoy what I've accomplished.

As I was driving to the Oncologist's office, the answer came to me: Clyde, life is happening and "just deal with it!" That message has always worked for me in any situation. Avoiding, procrastinating and hoping the issue will go away has never been a good strategy so I'm going to UCLA to complete a PSMA scan so we can determine what to do. I learned many years ago that..."It's better to know than not to know AND it's better to know sooner than later"...AND this thought works in business, relationships and health.

What about you?

What issues are you "just wanting to go away?"

What customer, employee or personal relationship is distracting you?

What are you avoiding and making excuses for?

What would happen if you ran right at the issue and "dealt with it?"

What would it take to personally own the Outcome?

I'm remembering Willie Nelson's song "I Woke up Still Not Dead Again Today!" so I'm going to "Deal with It!" 

What About You?