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River of Life!

Have you ever wondered how you got HERE? That question has been top of mind for me for some time and it's one of the most interesting questions I've ever asked myself!

I've said before that my life has been filled with one miracle after another and I woke up last night thinking a miracle happened 78 years ago when my Creator allowed me to start "navigating" down the fast flowing river currents that took me from a small West Texas town through 59 years of marriage, two kids, five grandkids and nine great grandkids, mentors and teachers, many of whom I didn't "really notice" at the time and many of whom I've unfortunately forgotten!

In my dream last night, I revisited many boats and captains that helped me navigate the rapids and realized what a miracle life is and has been!

I realized how many ports I'd visited, how many different boats/ships I've boarded and the "river of life" had taken me in a different/better direction because of choices I'd made. Yes, there have been mistakes and disappointments AND the current location is very good! Letting go of the outcomes from the choices has been helpful!

What about you?

Where did you come from and how did you get HERE?

What miracles did you not notice or have forgotten?

What Captains helped you locate "North", change boats and rivers?

How present are you now to notice which "river" you're on?

What next destination does your Creator have planned for you?