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I'm Getting What I Deserve?

Every time, I see or hear this sentence, I'm awakened to "what I really Believe." One part of my Belief is I "deserve" something different, something more satisfying/perfect! Following that thought, I remember that I created most every "getting" that has happened to me.

Several years ago, a very large truck ran into the back of my shiny new car as I was parked at a red light that had just turned to green. I was so shocked and "afraid" of what my car looked like and how I was going to get it repaired that I wanted to blame the driver of the truck. Somehow, I quickly "assessed" the situation and realized that I had chosen the route that I had taken and the time I had left my office. For some reason, it didn't seem fair and I realized my new car could look differently if I'd chosed a different route and or a different time!

I've also wanted to blame my employees/teammates when they didn't reach/exceed my expectations. Again, when I've stopped and "assessed" my situation, I realize I chose/hired these people and in many cases have not been very clear about my expectations! Worse yet, I've not held them accountable for their actions/inactions in the past which means I've gotten what I allowed/tolerated!

This is not the realization I've wanted and I determined it was the Truth.

What about you?

How clear are you with knowing your Vision, Values and Purpose?

How clear and disciplined are you in choosing people around you that share your Vision, Values, and Purpose?

How clear and explicit are you with delivering your expectations?

What are your thoughts about Accountability, Blaiming or Taking Ownership?