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Friends From the Past!

How much time do you spend with friends from years ago?

Up until a few weeks ago, my answer would have been close to Zero! And for some reason, times have changed. I've reconnected with a friend I had 30 years ago and through a lunch conversation, I discovered many things and names I'd forgotten. We laughed and remembered the "good old times."

For some "reason," I've connected with former clients that I hadn't talked to in more than 10 years. These are former clients that live across town and almost to the Great Lakes! What in the world is going on?

During the conversations, it was interesting/encouraging to notice how we had affected each other in positive ways neither of us had realized at the time. We were able to tell "stories" like they had happened yesterday!

The other interesting/encouraging notice is how each of us have been successful in our own unique way.

This is a first for me. Since I'm introverted, I don't talk to a lot of people. Maybe I'm changing in "old age." Maybe I'm paying more attention and looking to notice "friends" and even be a "friend." Maybe I'm more Open and less afraid.

What about you?

What past "friends" are you noticing?

What memories could you be missing?

What strategy could you to employ to reconnect?

What memory could give you a "spark" to propel you in a better direction?