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What's on the Inside?

Wow, what a question, especially for me! I'm such a visual learner/observer, I sometimes forget there is an "inside!" For instance, some days, I judge a book by its cover without looking at the table of contents. Also, I've made many judgments about smart phones from their appearance, especially about their size, brightness of the screen, etc.

When I do this, I forget about the programming, apps, potential viruses and speed inside! I believe all phones are the same because they all have switches, screens, microphones and speakers. I wonder how these beliefs translate to other areas of my life?

I'll tell you! I have the same tendency with myself and others around me. I tend to judge myself and others by how I/they "look" rather than asking valuable questions to determine "what's inside.""

The best question I can ask is "Who am I?" Who are they, "really?" What beliefs/programming, values, thoughts, fears do they have? What is their "cause" and what really drives them?

This question can be critical about our potential employees, customers, vendors AND most importantly, our future spouse.

The question could be...Am I most interested about the outside appearance or the heart inside? Am I marrying the appearance or the programming inside?

What about you?

How do you judge and make decisions about those you're attracting?

What is most important to you...what's outside or what's inside?

How do you determine what's inside?

How much do you really Care/Think about the inside?