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Success...What is That?

What in the world is Success?  I've always wanted to be "successful" AND I never knew where that was or what it looked like!  I chased "it" through college, jobs, promotions, relationships and on and on!  There were times when I thought I had "it" and suddenly, "it" disappeared.

A few days or weeks later, I thought I'd found "it" again and all of a sudden, "it" was gone again.

So what is success?  It seems to me that it is a little like happiness.  I've learned that my  Happiness depends on "happenings" around me...if there are "good" happenings, I'm happy and if there are negative happenings, I'm sad.

This is compared to contentment, which I've learned comes from inside of me, not externally.  I can be "content" no matter what is happening around me.  My contentment comes from being OK with me and who I am!

I saw a quote today that said "Success is never owned...Only rented.  And, rent is due every day.

What about you?

What does success mean to you?

How successful are you?

How content/happy are you with your success?

What do you want/need to feel successful?