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Gratitude, Optimism, Hope!

Many of my friends have told me how "bad" 2020 was and we'll get a new start in 2021. I said, wait a minute! What was wrong with 2020? I know it had speed bumps and many of them were tall and caused serious wake up calls. Other years have been similar.

2020 for me was a learning year, especially about myself. I learned I could be Grateful and Optimistic even when many attempted to scare me to death. Many friends and others told me things that weren't true. It was a perfect year to be Mindful and search for the Truth.

I learned that my business and the businesses of my friends could survive and thrive in a challenged economy. I learned that the stock market could recover and increase during times when many people/investors were pessimistic. I also learned that I can be discerning about what the World is telling me. I became very aware that I want to be present enough, every day, to ask myself...Is this the Truth?

I also learned that I can have Hope for the future, if I have Hope in my Creator, not in some Thing!

What about you?

How was your 2020?

What did you Learn?

What about being Grateful for every day, no matter how difficult it is?

What are your thoughts about today and tomorrow?