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Puzzle of Life!

Over the Christmas holidays, five members of my family and I completed a van Gogh puzzle (shown above) that included 483 pieces. I know that's not many pieces and it took us many man hours!

It was a minute by minute process, including several people, taking many breaks and coming back to "see things differently." It reminded me that we all see life differently, from different angles and just like the puzzle, life is a process. I can focus on the completion or I can notice each piece and enjoy the process.

Completion required all family members to participate, each with their own viewpoint and patience. It also required each Member allowing other Members to have their own view. Nobody hoarded any of the pieces.

All of us wanted to "get to the end" and there was no way to get there until each piece "fit" and we all could then see the "picture."

This is just like life! I want to "finish" something, get the trophy, celebrate the victory, complete the Camino de Santiago, NOW! With these thoughts, I miss the Journey!

What about you?

What finish line are you focused on?

What process are you resisting?

What will it take to slow down and Live life's journey?

When I change the way I look at Life's "pieces," life changes, just like the puzzle!

Life is very good when I slow down and let it happen!