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Happy Birthday, Again!

Here we are again, celebrating another Birthday!  It happens at this time each year and gives me a chance to notice Gratefulness.  Gratefulness for Life and Hope and a life of forgiveness.  Gratefullness of not being alone or not having a need to worry!  

How good it is to live in a Country where there is freedom, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness!  Yes, there is COVID, divisiveness, envy, victim thinking and many other things.  These challenges have been around since humans have walked the face of the earth.

There are also jobs, friends, health care, longevity of life, taking ownership, opportunities and many things I don't notice many days because I'm not "present."

When I'm "present," I notice that Life is Very Good and there are a few difficult days.

What about you?

     What are you Grateful for?

     How could you improve your "presence" by 10%?

     What will you be celebrating in 2022?

     How was your Birthday celebration?