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What's Distracting You?

     I'm very aware of what's distracting me and it's frustracting and hard to cure because what's distracting me are many of my addictions and these addictions have nothing to do with alcohol or drugs or tobacco.  My addictions have to do with my phone, cable news, thinking I must know everything that's happening in the world so I can provide an answer.

     Do you know what you want, really?  I do and when I lose mindfulness, many things get in my way!  There is so much noise in my life that it's easy to be distracted.  I have good intentions and before I know it, I believe I can check my email or listen to some news and nothing bad will happen.  Both of these addictions create fear and slow me down or throw me off my purpose.

     I'm 78 years old and I can remember the "olden days" when my family sat on the back porch with nothing going on other then the radio, black and white television and news with Walter Cronkite thirty minutes a day!  Today, it's hard to be quite with myself for thirty minutes to know what's going on with myself.

     I've developed one strategy that works most of the time.  When I leave my office or a meeting, I "drive in silence", no news, no music,  just me and the road noise.  What a great time to hear my thoughts and ideas and there are many thoughts that lead to great outcomes!

     What about you?

     *  What do you really want from your life?

     *  What is distracting you from achieving this "want"?

     *  What is your strategy to quite your mind so you can get "your want"?

     *  How willing are you to be quite with yourself to listen to your thoughts?

     *  Life is very good when I'm not distracted!