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My Life's Journey!

My Life's Journey!

Somebody said that we have to live life looking forward and we interpret life by looking backward. As I look back 75 years, I notice blessings that I wasn't aware of at the time!

Kerry Washington said "All I have to do is show up and enjoy the messy, imperfect, and beautiful Journey of My Life!" Wow, what if I'd lived my life looking forward using this thought rather than being fearful or afraid of what might be over the hill or around the corner?

I've still got this choice! At 75, I have at least twenty five years left on the "journey." Having the courage to be imperfect and know the path will be messy, some days with rain, some days with heat, some days up hill and some days with big disappointments and some days with miracles, I can press ahead with confidence!

What could exceed the miracles of the past...56 years of marriage, 2 highly successful kids, 5 grand kids and 9 great grand kids? Can it get better than that? Yes, it can and I don't know what that can be. I Know the trip will be messy, imperfect and beautiful. I'm throwing the fear away and I'm open to miracles!!

What about you?

What miracles have you not noticed?

What miracles are you open to?

What fears are you discarding?

Let's continue the path, expect messiness and miracles and anticipate a celebration as we break through the "finish line!"