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How are You Doing/Feeling?

How are You Doing/Feeling?

I love this question and I hear it almost every day because my friends and clients know the cancer challenges I've had over the past few years.

I always have one answer that I'm committed to every day: I'm vertical, I have a pulse and I'm not in jail or the hospital!

I may have some challenges and worries and if I have these four pillars, I'm good to go and I'm ready to charge hell with a glass of water!

Can you imagine how fortunate I am? Have you ever thought about not being vertical, bed ridden? Have you ever thought about being in jail and what that really means? When I think about that possibility, I'm petrified. Recently, I had a friend that was hospitalized more than once because of a ruptured appendix. When I visited him in the hospital, I was struck with how scary that was and how fortunate I am!

What about you?

How are You Doing/Feeling?

How fortunate are you?

How would you answer these questions?

Let's be aware of our situation and be ready to voice our blessings!