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How Has COVID-19 Changed Me/You?

We're several months into walking a new path, called COVID-19, and it seems to be a good time to take a breather and ask ourselves...How am I doing? What is different, and how have I changed?

Those are very interesting questions for me! I've been very aware of my behavior and the behavior of those around me and I've been surprised by both! My biggest surprise is how I've been optimistic from the beginning in January. I've never seen myself as optimistic and my friends agree because we all see me as coming from a place of scarcity. In this case, I've been optimistic because I believe in the creativity of human beings. When life is a challenge, I believe human beings rise to the challenge and do what's "right." I see these days no differently.

By the end of March, I'd lost a significant percentage of my investment wealth and for some reason, I wasn't afraid. I'm a product of the Bible Belt and the older I get, I'm noticing my faith is strengthening. What an advantage/blessing! By the middle of September, my lost investment wealth has reappeared!

Then, I remembered what Gandhi said: "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver!" My wife and I just returned from our annual physicals and at 77 years young, we're not "perfect" and we're better than OK and I believe Gandhi!

What about you?

How has COVID-19 changed you?

How are you and your family/business/job doing?

How has your wealth increased or decreased?

Which Fears are following you around and which ones have you sent on their way?

What Beliefs do you have? They could be driving your behaviors.