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Patience, oh Patience!!

Most days, my biggest challenge is having patience, with myself and others around me. I have this "want" for things to happen Right Now! About 20 years ago, one of my mentors said to me..."Clyde, all of the flowers in the garden don't bloom on the same day!" I've never forgotten that comment AND, it's been hard for me to accept.

From my Biblical roots, I know some of us plant seeds, others water the seeds and others harvest the crops. I also know that some of the seeds fall on fertile soil, some fall on hard pan and some seeds get eaten by the birds. What causes me to think that all seeds/ideas will grow and flourish? Ego could be the answer.

Lately, I've noticed colleagues taking action with courage and conviction in the face of being bombarded with negative news about politics, the economy and the pandemic! Many are having success. Wow, that encouraged me to remember that some flowers are always blooming! Some businesses/colleagues are blooming and producing big results rather than hiding under their beds.

Wow! What a message for me to press ahead and be strong and have courage?

What about you?

  • What courage and convictions are you showing?
  • What Fears are you releasing and sending on their way?
  • What will your life/business look like in a year or two and what beliefs are controlling you?
  • How could patience and courage guide your journey?