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Is A Miracle Maker on the Way?

The short answer is YES!

The real question is Who and When? And, it could be good if I knew what a Miracle was and What/Who a Miracle Maker is!

Tonight, Kay and I watched the movie, Miracle Maker and I got a clue. And, the answer is easier and much harder than I think. I'm always looking for a magician or somebody with Divine powers. The person must be a Jennie in a bottle or some person from a foreign land.

The movie tonight reminded me that the Miracle Maker is the person I see in the mirror each morning. That person can have thoughts and beliefs that can influence what happens today and tomorrow. Just as we plant seeds of corn and flowers, the rain and sunshine comes and before we know it, we have a harvest to take care of!

The exact thing can happen in our head and heart! As you and I plant seeds of possibilities, those seeds sprout and spread to others around us and before we know it, the neighbors around us start having thoughts that include encouragement, helpfulness, trust, growth and forgiveness.

We change from fear and resentment to excitement and abundance! The Miracle starts in you and me! Let's plant some seeds of abundance and notice what happens! It'll be a Miracle!


What about you?


What seeds are you planting?

What are you expecting, abundance or scarcity?

How vulnerable are you willing to be to create the next Miracle?


Let's take a risk and notice what happens!