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How Much are You Worth?

When I was young, I believed that the more I achieved, my parents and everybody else would love me more and think I was very valuable/successful!

If I made straight A's, I was smart. If I passed the CPA exam, I was driven. If I got a promotion and had an impressive business title, I was successful!


As I progressed through life, I discovered I might have my formula incorrect. I remember my Son, when he was young, told me if his employer would give him a raise, he would have a better attitude. Somehow, I suggested that if he had a better attitude, he might get/deserve a raise.

With experience, I've discovered that my value comes from who I am and that determines my outcomes/performance! When I'm trusting and confident, my Leadership shows up differently and people follow and positive results follow. When I show up with determination and passion and aligned with my values, many times I'm unstoppable!


What about you?


What is your "Beingness" on a daily basis?

What/Who do you want to BE?

Would you say that your Performance determines your Value...or

Would you say your Worth/who your Are, determines your performance?


It's interesting to occasionally notice our personal formula for Success.

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