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Leadership, What is That?

Kay and I watched Green Book for the 2nd time last night and I'll need to do it again to understand all the Leadership lessons!

It's amazing to me how Leadership can come from all of us, no matter where we're from, our beliefs, our color, sex, etc. I watched the characters in this movie and noticed their Leadership abilities and their serious "blind spots and mine also!"

I also noticed my prejudices and I'm not sure how to change this behavior. I "prejudge" many things/people based on my childhood culture and the resulting beliefs. With these beliefs, I behave in a predictable behavior, especially when I go unconscious. With unconsciousness, I do what I've trained my brain to do and I never notice. Many times, I drive in my car to my destination and when I get there, I don't remember my specific journey and what I encountered on the way, interesting and actual behavior. I'm glad my Creator is watching over me!

I watched the characters in the movie and they were as different as daylight and dark AND each one brought value to life. I prejudged each one of them and yet learned and ultimately respected each character.

No matter what color they were, their background or their education or ability, they taught the audience about respect for life, family, helping each other no matter how different they were and keeping their word/commitment!

What about You?

What Prejudices do You Have?

How are you Noticing what is Really Happening with You?

What are your blind spots?

What personal behaviors could you change to improve the world?