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Messages and Miracles!

     I learned many years ago that I'm responsible for what I hear and see!  That seems like a simple responsibility AND I see and hear many things that I take for granted and many times I don't really notice the message.

     The way we interpret our lives is by looking backward to notice what choices we made, what we did and the outcome of each.  As I've gone through this process, I've learned that I heard coaches, mentors, family members say things that affected my choices that turned into miracles.  I wish I'd realized that happening at the time.

     In one case, I heard clearly a declaration from a voice that was not visable about the future of my health that I had been very concerned about.  The declaration was very positive and very specific.  I was amazed that I heard the voice AND I was equally amazed that I believed the voice.

     Recently, I had the same thing happen about another health issue and it took me two days to notice what I heard and another day to internalize what it meant.  Wow, could this be another message of a coming miracle?  Sometimes, I have to notice and believe to realize how good life really is!

     What about you?

     What messages are you hearing and not noticing?

     What messages are you hearing, noticing AND not believing?

     What changes do you want to make to hear and notice miracles all around you?

     Miracles are real!  My entire life has been a Miracle!