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What's Your Name?

Yesterday, I attended an event with many people I didn't know and I realized both during the day and last night, I didn't remember several people's names that I talked to! This is not the first time this has happened although I've heard many teachers remind me how to remember "names."

Today, I realized "My" issue! I have a powerful memory and I can and do remember many details that happened many months ago that others didn't even notice.

I'm currently re-reading Leadership and Self Deception and I got reminded that "if I'm not interested in knowing a person's name, I'm probably not really interested in the person, as a person." The author reminded me that I'm seeing the person as an object.

What a wake up call this is for me! I think I want to remember your name AND maybe I don't care. I learned many years ago that behind your eyes is a real human being just like me with hopes, dreams and fears! And sometimes when I'm not mindful, I don't notice your eyes.

The Real question for me is...How am I Being? Caring, passing the time of day, excited to meet you, self absorbed, thinking about what I'm going to say and on and on?

What about you?

  • How good are you at remembering people's names?
  • What's your secret, either positive or negative?
  • When you look at somebody, do you notice their eyes and think about what could be behind them?
  • How aware are you of your Beingness?  What are other people seeing when they see you?