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Time to Wake Up and Look Forward, not Backward!

I've heard several people talking about getting back to "normal." I wonder what that means. I wonder if that means "getting back to the good old days?" When was that? To me, being an old guy, that could be the 1950-60's. Without thinking deeply, that sounds like a good idea AND after thinking for a few minutes, that's not such a good idea for me!

As I remember, our automobiles were interesting and nothing like today. Our health care was OK and nothing like today. Our international travel was OK for some people and nothing like today. The phones back then worked OK and I have a better one today and finally, my family's TV looked a little differently back then.

I wonder what the good old days means. What if I thought about the "good new days?" What if the Good New Days included a simpler life requiring less "stuff" in my garage, closets and storage units? What if the Good New Days included less worry about health and employment? What if the Good New Days had less fear about not being good enough, not smart enough and not keeping up with the Jones? What if I no longer need an automobile, much less two or three, which means I don't need car insurance?

I wonder what the Good New Days could be? My wife and I have walked the Camino de Santiago twice, 500 miles in 31 walking days. Today, I started walking it again, virtually. I didn't know I could do that and I bet the experience will get better. I believe I'll soon be able to visit places virtually I would never been able to do in The Good Old Days.

Looking forward with Optimism is healthy for my Soul.

What about you?

Are you yearning to return to Your Good Old Days?

What would the New Good Days look like to you?

What are you prepared for in the coming days/weeks?

How optimistic are you about the future?