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What Can I Do To Save My Family?

Wow, that's a great question! Each of us today are looking everywhere and searching for a magic wand!

Many of my clients are looking to their Banks! How can I get enough money to weather this storm. Others are looking for the Federal Government to save us. What a concept that is! I thought we learned our lesson after blaming the Federal Government after Katrina. 

I'm a two time cancer survivor and the first, Melanoma, had no cure at the time other than removing it early enough. As I followed up with scans, blood tests, Dr. visits, I remembered my early beliefs that there is only one True Physician! All others are just practicing. That Belief relieved most of my anxiety.

Today with the virus, I'm remembering this same belief and doing my best to Lead with Faith, not fear. My Beliefs help me realize that fear is not a good strategy other than if a bear is chasing me or if my house is on fire. Fear can help me run faster and get the family out of the house.

The next question is How do I know that Faith will work and the answer is I don't. And, I've been reminded that I'm commanded to believe in something I'm not able to see for both Faith and fear! I'm choosing Faith!

What about you?

  • If you've chosen fear, how is that strategy working for you with your family and your employees?
  • What do you have to lose with choosing Faith?
  • What is your cost for changing your beliefs?
  • Other than ego, the cost to me is very minimal.

Take a listen below to one of my favorite songs. I hope it's valuable