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When Will This Virus End??

I love this question! I hear it daily from journalists challenging politicians. What would cause a journalist to ask a politician such a question? What answer do they really expect.

That question is like asking somebody "When will the world end?" Several in our past have been asked and answered and nobody has been correct yet. Nobody knows.

Several months ago, my Dr. told me if you want a .15 cent answer, ask a .15 cent question! I loved that comment!

Today is a challenging time and we humans have an ability to be creative and "figure things out!" The virus will be over when it's over whenever that is. Until then, I'm going to press ahead and do the best I can with positive thoughts!

What about you?

What is the date you believe the virus will end?

Until then, what is your strategy?

What questions are you asking yourself and others?

Giving what you know, what is the vision for yourself in three to five years?

Let's press ahead! I don't have control over anything and there is nothing that is permanent.

Live with faith/optimism, not fear!