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Who is LuLu?

Who is LuLu?

    Maybe the question should be "Who is Lulu, Really?

For those of you who've visited Kay and me, you know LuLu is our Tibetan Spaniel, by Google, a prayer dog. She spends most of her day praying for our Government officials and me. Her remaining time is spent teaching me about me!

My recent blog talked about we humans are much more than physical. In fact, we're spirit, mind, heart, vibration, energy and on and on. LuLu reminds me of this each time I attempt to pet her. On occasion, she allows me to do that. On other occasions, she runs under the bed and hides.

From this behavior, I've learned that I transmit a "vibration" that scares/offends her and she runs away for her safety. On other occasions, I've learned that when my "vibration" is friendly, encouraging and inviting, she snuggles up to me.

By contrast, Kay's "vibration" is never scary because LuLu always snuggles to her. For those of you who know Kay knows that's the way humans respond to her as compared to me.

My learning from LuLu is if I want to be effective and achieve my Purpose, I must learn how to change my Beliefs so my behavior/vibration will be more inviting to LuLu and the humans around me.

Wow, what a learning from my Prayer Dog!

What about You?

What vibration does your family, friends, employees feel from you?

What vibration/behavior do you want to change to achieve your Purpose?

LuLu has been a powerful teacher for me. Who in your life is sending you messages that you may not be noticing?